Absolute Water System

Commercial and Residential Water Testing & Treatment

Pure, Clean Drinking Water

Absolute Water System LLC has been a leader in commercial and residential water purification systems in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine since 1981.

Water Softening System

Hard water can cause problems with your plumbing, and has a negative effect on the way substances dissolve into the water. Using a water softener system, you can remove these minerals as water enters your home and eliminate the problems that hard water causes.

Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems

A UV light water treatment system destroys almost 100% of the microorganisms that are harmful. These systems do not add chemicals or change the taste and odor of your water. UV water systems are safe, clean, and easy to maintain and ensure bacteria free water. The UV light water purification process is one of four approved FDA methods of water disinfection.

Drinking Water Purification System

This water purification system is powered by residential line pressure – no electricity required. The system helps conserve water, shutting down when the storage tank is full and turning back on to refill the tank. Replacement filters are easy to change – twist on, twist off, no hassle.

Chemical Free Water Treatment

Airregen is a chemical free water treatment system for the whole house, and is equipped with an iron water filter, a sediment removal system, and hydrogen sulfide and manganese water filters.