Hayley's Birthday!

Do u. Rlly need to know anything here.


How r u doin. Have u ever wanted to come to my house, possibly stay over if ur one of the lucky 8? Well, this is certainly ur thing fam.

Do u rlly need to know the name I mean

Saturday, June 4th, 4pm

2617 East Rhododendron Drive

Abingdon, MD

Bring bathing suits. And presents that'd be great.


4:00 - 8:00: Pool Party

8:00: People who are not staying over leave

9:00PM - 10:00AM: Slumber Party

10:00AM: Pick up

Hope to see you there!!

Staying Over Guests

  • Kelly
  • Emma
  • Nina
  • Sasha
  • Ulaya
  • Ha
  • Emily
  • Shannon
  • Sarah (If one cannot make it)