Get Amongst It Assesment

By Ferdinand Defregger

How often do you do physical activity?

I do 5 days a week of sport, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On each of those days, I do about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of physical activity. I play football twice a week (Tuesday, Thursday), I also play tennis twice a week (Monday, Saturday) and I do climbing once a week (Friday). I play football with old school friends and I do climbing with Adam. At tennis I don't have any friends but I have made some new ones already.

What are some enablers/barriers for you with your involvement in sport?

An enabler for me to participate in sport is that I find it fun. This has affected me because usually if I find something fun I do it. This is because I like doing good things for my body and having fun. Another enabler for me is that exercising makes you fit. This has affected me because I don't want to be a fat couch potato (as much as I want to be one) so I do sport to help me get fit and makes me not a couch potato.

A barrier for me is that it takes up a lot of my daily time. This has affected me by making me stop a sport (swimming) and make me stay up later doing my homework. This in turn then makes me tired the next day and I am grumpy because I didn't get enough sleep. Another barrier for me is that I keep getting injured while playing sport. This affects me because when I get serious injuries, like breaking my foot, I have to not do any sport for a long amount of time which then makes me unfit and then I need to train really hard to get my fitness back up to where it was.

Which enabler/barrier has had the biggest impact on you?

Probably me finding it fun. This is because if it wasn't fun I wouldn't do it. Or in the words of Paul Walker "If you can't have fun, there is no point in doing it". And I have to strongly have to agree with Paul Walker because his quote is like a life message to me. Because honestly, if you didn't have any fun, then what is the point of life?

How has the media affected your participation in sport?

To be honest, very strongly. Like I never would have dreamed of playing netball and I thought it would be a terrible sport. But then when I played it at school I actually found it quite fun which surprised me because I thought it was just a girly sport for girls with all the obstruction and contact rules. The media have influenced me in my other sports because I wouldn't have chosen those sports if they had been shown as girl sports by the media.