The Fantastic Four of Mesopotamian Empires

When Was it Formed?

The Assyrian Empire reigned from 900-610 BCE.

The Assyrian Government

The Assyrian Government was ruled by many kings, but was eventually conquered by Hammurabi. To control the vast expanse of land that was the Assyrian Empire, the king divided the land into provinces, then appointed other leaders to control these many provinces.

Religion in Assyria

The Assyrians worshiped many of the same gods as the Babylonians. There were many temples in Assyria, proving that they were very devoted to their gods.

Assyrian Achievements

Some major achievements of the Assyrian Empire were that they created one of the first major libraries. This library held more than 25000 tablets holding documents and songs to the king. Historians have learned much about the Assyrian empire through this information found in the libraries ruins.

Daily Life in Assyria

While the kings and province leaders ruled Assyria, ordinary townspeople farmed and dug canals to keep the land fertile. The many craftspeople were also known for their 2-D paintings called bas-reliefs, which depicted the king hunting and farming.

The Assyrian Downfall

The Assyrian Empires downfall occurred at about 612 B.C.E over conflict about the next leader. The rebelling Chaldeans seized the opportunity and took over.

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