Web 2.0 Tools (DNA)

Device Neutral Assignments/Applications

What is a Device Neutral Application/Assignment?

With the advent of BYOD and the ubiquitous nature of WiFi and the Internet in our schools, many teachers are relying on Web 2.0 applications to integrate educational technology into their teaching. BYOD provides students with a variety of ways to differentiate their learning and, as a result, teachers are using a variety of online tools that run on a variety of devices and computing platforms. Using Web 2.0 tools that are Device Neutral enables this process to unfold, "lessons can be created on any device" - Ron Milliner. The following are a list of helpful Device Neutral Applications that you can use for Device Neutral Assignments. Read the following article for more information on Device Neutral Applications - Assignments.http://thejournal.com/Articles/2013/01/09/Device-neutral-assignments-for-byod.aspx?Page=1

ALWAYS REMEMBER TO CHECK THE TERMS OF USE. If you use any Web 2.0 with students ensure that your students are the right age and determine where their data is stored.

Think Verb, Not Noun: Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Revised

This image is from "Literacy Is Not Enough" by Ian Jukes, Lee Crocket, and Andrew Churches.


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Padlet (Previously Wallwisher)

Padlet is great to use when you want students or teachers to brainstorm, provide feedback, and create discussion boards. How does it work? Simply, create a board, share the link via a URL, and have your users build a wall with stickies.


Answergarden is an instant feedback tool. Use it for feedback, brainstorming, mindmapping, or simply survey your audience. It is web-based but is also on iOS.


Plickers allows teachers to collect real-time formative assessment from your students without devices. Pose a question, have your students hold up a card, and collect their responses with your device. This tool will allow your students to participate anonymously, provide them with instant feedback, and allow for check-ins that will guide your instruction. Here is a quick tutorial to get you started.

Gamify Your Teaching with Kahoot

Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system that allows you to gamily your teaching! It allows you to provide Quizzes, Discussions and Surveys in an engaging manner that can be easily accessed through any device with a browser.


Polleverywhere is a dynamic, real-time an online survey tool that can be easily accessible on your BYOD. Use it for diagnostic assessments, check-ins, and information gathering


ThingLink helps you create and discover rich images. It is an iOS and online tool. It allows you to tag certain parts of an image and make them come alive with music, video, text, and images!


Popplet is a Web based or iOS tool that you teachers and students can use to map out ideas, collaborate, and create. You can import images, add text and link your popples together to make presentations or a collaborative brainstorming session. Popplets can be public, private, and shared.


Store audio and music clips with Soundcloud in the cloud and have them readily accessible for your students and colleagues. A BYOD friendly tool that can change the way you will create and listen to music. You also have the ability to export Garageband songs from an iOS device and even record audio with Soundcloud on a computer.


Bitstripsforschools is an online tool that enables to students to create comics that teachers can administer, approve, and share. It allows students to unleash their creativity through digital storytelling. It's free for Ontario Teachers!

Blogging with Kidblog

Kidblog is an easy to use blogging platform for teachers and students. Allow your students to become prolific writers with this versatile tool. You can embed video and images, and upload audio!


Prezi is an online and BYOD friendly tool that you can use to create dynamic presentations. Use it to create group presentations or collaborative workspaces. It's an awesome tool. User need to be 13 or over to use the product. Users between 13-18 may utilize a Prezi account with need parental or guardian permission.


VOICETHREAD is a powerful line tool that allows you to upload multimedia content such as images, audio recordings, videos and slideshows. The uploaded content can be commented orally, through video, text, or doodled on! Some examples on in-class use include teachers uploading material (e.g. image of Math problem, student samples) to have students provide comments, responses, or descriptive and evaluative feedback. It can be used as a powerful form of assessment or an engaging presentation tool!

BYOD in the Classroom Suggestions

It is ok to start small. Let students take their notes using their personal devices.

  • Set clear guidelines. Being clear about expectations at the front and at the same time open to new ways to use the devices will ensure their proper use.

  • One project can get you started. Changing all your assessments at once may be overwhelming. Try changing one assignment to a digital product.

  • Think verb, not noun. With BYOD there is a need for DNA (Device neutral Assignments). Be sure to focus on the skills you would like students to exercise and not a specific piece of software.

  • Source: Peel21st page - peelschools.org

    App Suggestions for BYOD Classrooms

    Check out this link 30 Apps Perfect for BYOD Classrooms for some great suggestions!

    Office365 in PDSB

    Office365 is a set of rich communication and collaboration tools that will engage students and teachers in 21st century digital learning. Office365 is a closed collaboration environment designed specifically for the use of Peel District School Board teachers and students.

    At a glance, it offers teachers and students the following:

    • Student / Teacher Email Accounts
    • Personal Calendar and Contacts
    • Private Social Networking (Newsfeed)
    • Cloud Storage (25GB OneDrive)
    • Microsoft Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • Teacher / Student Blogs
    • Interactive Class Sites / Wikis / Blogs

    (Source: Teacher Quick Reference Guide PDSB - Only teachers in PDSB can access: https://pdsb1.sharepoint.com/Welcome/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Home.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0).

    Other Resources For PDSB Teachers

    Check out the Teaching and Learning section on Peel21st Chicklet (PDSB Login and Password required) http://intranet.peelschools.org/21stCentury/Pages/default.aspx. It contains a number of great ideas for the Digital Classroom, BYOD, Mobile Technologies, and much more!

    Check out 5 Ways to Get Started withy BYOD

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