Think Different #39

Resources for the Week of October 29, 2017

The Art of the Online Discount: Consumer Reports helps you save money for the holidays and year-round

Learn with these useful Hashtags

How Can You Use Twitter as a teacher and in the Classroom?

  • Use #hashtags to explore the trends in education and connect with other teachers. There’s a whole community of teachers on Twitter who can influence ed reforms in classrooms across the world.
  • Start following the most popular #hashtags in education and share them with your students.
  • Create your own #hashtags, so your students can post tweets after doing research on the topic you give. For example, I use #ded318 for my tech class at KSU

  1. #literacy: improve your students’ literacy
  2. #edtech: great ideas on how to make education better
  3. #edapp: Wondering what apps to start using in the classroom?
  4. #mlearning: learn tips with other teachers, or share a moment of your students being engaged in mobile learning
  5. #edgap: The resources under #edgap will help you get informed about this issue and minimize it within your classroom.
  6. #globaled: you’ll get a glimpse in educational processes in various countries. You can connect with teachers from all over the world
  7. #teaching: This is a general #hashtag for educators and experts who share tips on teaching
  8. #teacherproblems: It’s about sharing the problems teachers face, but in a humorous way. Join the fun!
  9. #tweatre: It’s about theatre, poetry, culture, and reading.
  10. #grammar: This #hashtag can make grammar more accessible for your students. It will even make it fun. You’ll find rules and mistakes presented in a visual way or through practical sentences. Mignon Fogarty from Grammar Girl is a regular on this #hashtag.
  11. #artsed: Take photos of your students’ art and showcase it. Take the time to explore what students from all around the world are creating.
  12. #science: Wondering about how to make science classes interesting? How about sharing the interesting news? Instead of Googling or browsing through news websites, get access to great content in a matter of minutes.
  13. #astronomy: Your students will be mesmerized by the universe when you present astronomy concepts in an intriguing way.
  14. #ebooks: You want to inspire your students to read more, but you can’t impose the expense of getting new books?

How to use the new REACTIONS feature in Padlet

Online Dictionaries, which one is best?

Tech EDGE, Mobile Learning In The Classroom - Episode 65, Online Dictionaries

Infogram: grat tool for making Infographics and more

Infogram: Easily create charts, maps and infographics and more for free. Increase data literacy in the classroom. Infogram lets you create more than just infographics, you can create reports, newsletter, presentation and more. Your work even looks great on mobile devices.

Easy drag-and-drop editor making it easy to create charts, maps, photos, videos, text, and icons. The intuitive, lightweight data editor lets you easily edit colors and styles, add icons, and set display options to make your data shine.

Our students need to know how to create and decipher charts and graphs, it is a life skill these days. Use Infogram to demonstrate understanding. Additionally, Infographics are also a great way to tell a story using visuals & data.

Check out the video below for an overview of what is possible with Infogram.

Help and Tutorials:

Do you know about the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Resources Feature

The TPS program is designed to “deliver professional development programs that help teachers use the Library of Congress’s rich reservoir of digitized primary source materials to design challenging, high-quality instruction.” It does this by funding all sorts of projects around the country through three regional offices that help train teachers and students in the use of LOC resources.

This is the 5th year we have offered iPad iCamp Day in the College of Education at Kansas State University. This year, we have a wonderful workshop presenter. I have gotten to know Kelly over the last 6 years and oh my goodness, what a gem. Kelly is full of energy, knowledgeable, organized and spends her time helping teachers integrate technology in her district.

  • Friday, January 12, 2018
  • Where: 1088 Business Building, Kansas State University
  • Cost: $60 (includes lunch) space is limited
  • Registration is Open
  • KSU Education Majors: Earn 6 Professional Points

We'll look at teaching and learning with iPads and be reminded of best instructional practices to engage and enhance student learning. What’s hAPPening in your class? Come and discover how powerful iPad apps can bring collaboration and creativity into your classroom. Find your classroom “ POWER ZONE ” while students connect to content.

EMPOWER, INSPIRE and INTEGRATE technology in a way that can enhance how you teach and how students learn. It is about creating not just consumption. Come and be inspired.