Maple Monarch Newsletter

Ms. Cole's 1st Grade

Whats new in B2?

We will be starting a new math unit next week, word problems! Within this unit, we will be solving and creating addition and subtraction word problems. Word problems are so important because they help your kids to see math as real life concepts, not just abstract numbers.

Try these!

Please take some time to practice a few word problems at home next week! You can start with the problems below and then practice some more using the link below!

Here are some sample world problems we will be working on:

José had 4 apples. Lucy had 3 apples. How many apples do they have altogether?

Ahmed recieved 15 pieces of candy trick-or-treating, but his sister ate 6 pieces. How many pieces does Ahmed have now?


Please watch the following video with your kiddos, and without help or prompting, ask them to create a word problem using the paper cranes scenario from the video. Record how it went and/or the word problem they came up with in the comment section of the newsletter.

Remember: Children are more successful in school when parents take and an interest in their homework. It shows them that what they are doing is important, because it is!