Internet Hoaxes

Brianna Hamblin

What I have learned...

Through my research I have discovered that Internet hoaxes are very common. I know not to believe everything I see or read but some of the Internet hoaxes I have seen look and seem very realistic. The bad thing is though a lot of people do believe everything they see on the Internet has to be true. Well it's not. Our technologies have become so advance it almost makes it too easy to photo shop a picture of someone or something causing people to believe a lie. I couldn't tell you any of the hoaxes I've been tricked by because I never actually do my research on stuff I see and read so I wouldn't really know. Also it takes a lot to make me believe things people tell me if I haven't seen it with my own eyes. The point is there are a lot of hoaxes in life so you do need to be cautious and double check your sources when you find out information before you believe it.