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Counselor's Corner: 3 End of Year Tips

It's the end of the year and everyone is getting the summer itch! There's good news though. Your student will follow your lead and ours. If parents and teachers proceed as if the year is over, then our students will too. If parents and teachers keep moving forward without changing it up too much, then our students will move forward with us. Here are a 3 tips to have a fun, successful, and productive end of the year.

  1. Stick to the routine. This is probably the most important one of all. Stick with the normal bedtime, meal time, homework time, etc.
  2. Get the kids outside. Research shows time outside improves concentration & cooperation, while lessening aggression.
  3. Be positive. In general, kids follow our lead. If you are positive about the end of the year, then they will be too.

Holly Hensley

Hartman School Counselor

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Congratulations to Danielle Evans For Being Selected As The Jimmy John's Student of the Week!

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Featured Cool Cat of the Week

Name: Yolanda Morton

Title: ESL Teacher

Years at Hartman:24. She is retiring after this year.

Previous Schools: 7 years at Akin

What she loves the most about Hartman: The family atmosphere

Family: Married, two grown sons, and a granddaughter

What she likes to do when she's not at school: Watch sports, take naps, and visit Houston to play with her granddaughter

Favorite teams: Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers

Something most people don't know about her: She is the oldest of 7 children and the only one who has a college degree.

Hobbies: Reading

Favorite place to visit: The River Walk in San Antonio

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4th Grade Track Meet

The Hartman 4th grade track meet is May 20th. The track meet will take place at the Wylie Stadium. It will begin at 9:30 and end at 1:30. Students need a sack lunch, water bottle, and running shoes. Parents are welcome to come cheer for your student. For safety reasons, all adults must have a background check on file in order to enter the track meet. If not, you will be required to go back to your campus and check-in. If you have any questions, please contact our PE teacher Coach Angela Haskins

2nd Grade Kentucky Derby Hat Contest

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Breakfast With Mom

Upcoming Dates

Friday, May 13th: BFG movie party, wear pjs, bring blanket & pillow

Monday, May 16th: 4th grade field trip

Tuesday, May 17th: Adventure dash fun run, 4th Harrison tour

Friday, May 20th: 4th grade track meet, 3rd grade aquarium field trip

Monday, May 23rd: McDonald's spirit night 5-8pm

Tuesday, May 24th: PreK celebrations 9am & 1:30pm, Kona Ice

Wednesday, May 25th: Volunteers' breakfast 7:30-8:15

Thursday, May 26th: 3rd grade musical 9am & 7pm, PTA meeting 7pm, senior reception 3:30-4:30pm, 3rd grade market day

Friday, May 27th: WISD Day of Celebration, K-4 field day @ Shaeffer stadium

Monday, May 30th: Memorial Day, No school

Tuesday, May 31st: Kinder graduation 9am, kinder breakfast 8:15, senior walk 10:15am

Wednesday, June 1st: 4th graduation 9am, 4th reception, 1st-3rd awards assembly 1:45pm

Thursday, June 2nd: Splash Day PreK-4th

Friday, June 3rd: Last day of school, early release, Kona Ice, Talent show 9am