The Big Life Changing Battle

My Brother Sam is Dead

Doing What's right

This is when the revolutionary war began. As Sam comes back in his uniform, He goes back to the family house. His younger brother, tim, is just so happy when he got back. But it did not last long when Sam and Eliphalet, the dad or what they call him Life, gets into a big argument about going into battle against the king. Life wanted to be loyal to the king but Sam wants justice and freedom against the king. Life ended the conversation very quick, he could not stand the talk of uprising the king. The father shouted , "Free? Free to do what Sam? Mock your king? To shoot your neighbor? To make a mess of thousands of lives? Where have you been getting theses ideas?" Sam replied, "You don't understand, father, you just don't understand. If they won'y let us be free, we have to fight. Why should they get rich off our taxes back in england? They're 3000 miles away, how can they make laws for us? They have no idea of how things are here." So after disobeying his father and fighting anyway. Fighting for whats right bad things begin to start happening.

A Revolutionary Adventure

In this book all the battles happen in the revolutionary war. Like the Battle of lexington and Concord, Siege of Boston, Battle of Bunker Hill, Battle of Trenton and more. Also Tim is the main character when Sam, the brother, dies Tim has to take his spot. His dad, Eliphalet or life, says no to go against there king and the mother has been sad for Sam when he died

James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

This is James and the award is Newbery Honor