Elementary Principal's Newsletter

February 2020

Time for a Mid-Year Check-in!

If you haven't...it is probably time to sit down with your principals and talk about how they are coming along on the following requirements as well as asking them some key questions. Good time for a mid-year check-up.

1. What is their focus this year for their building/students/teachers? (Does it match your focus for them or their building? Does match your district initiatives?)

2. What is working well? (What practices, strategies, procedures do they have in place that are improving the climate and the learning in the building?)

3. What is not working well? (What is challenging them? How are they going about solving the problem(s)? Are they connecting them to their school improvement goals? Are they working with staff to identify strategies?)

4. How are they collecting student data? (What processes have they put into place for staff to review data, IRIPs, implement interventions, monitor and assess progress?)

5. How are they planning to show evidence for their own evaluation? (How will they demonstrate evidence of student growth? Progress towards school improvement goals? Attendance? Student, parent and staff feedback?)

6. Don't forget to get an update on the supports they are giving students with IRIPs and monitoring their progress. What projections are they making for the number of students who will qualify in the spring?

Don't like the questions? Great! Use what you like--throw away the rest.

Some Discussion Ideas:

  • Give them the questions ahead of time and have them come prepared to talk about each
  • Talk about the questions and have them discuss with all of the principals in your district (share)
  • Have them discuss with other principals then meet with them individually

Michigan Construction

Charlie came to Elementary Principals on Friday!

Wagging in the new school year — Fenton's therapy dogs

KRA Presentation

MDE Updates

Upcoming Events

2020 Michigan School Testing Conference

When: Feb. 11-13, 2020
Where: Sheraton Ann Arbor

Book your hotel by January 10, 2020, to receive the room block rate!

The annual Michigan School Testing Conference consists of a day for workshops and two days of plenary and clinic sessions. On Tuesday, February 11, six half-day and two full-day workshops will be offered. The conference itself will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, February 12-13.

Click here to view and download the promotional booklet and registration form.

Visit the webpage to learn more.


One-Day MDE Student Growth Workshop

When: Feb. 27, 2020
Where: MELG Office Building

Districts often have more questions than answers when it comes to accurately measuring student growth and appropriately attributing that growth to educators.

This one-day workshop is intended for school and district administrators interested in adopting student growth practices that are compliant with legislative requirements described within MCL 380.1249 and MCL 380.1249b. You will be provided with guidance for measuring student growth using LEA selected assessments and state assessments. MDE consultants will shoulder partner to engage you with guidance and support for using MDE developed calculator tools, using observation data and student growth data to determine end-of-year ratings.

What to bring:

  • Access to district assessment data would be helpful to the participant but not required.
  • Laptops with access to the internet would be helpful to the participant but not required.
  • Knowledge of current and/or former educator evaluation and student growth measurement practices.
  • Be prepared to share your perspectives and experiences, as we will provide opportunities for administrators to work together to learn from practices of other administrators in the room as well as from the MDE consultants facilitating the session.

MELG Office Building
(MASB Conference Room)
1001 Centennial Way, Suite 400
Lansing, Michigan

$50 / participant


Literacy Leaders

Literacy Leaders for Elementary Principals have started up again after the first of the year. We are digging deeper into 3 Literacy Essentials: Literacy Challenges, Family Engagement and Community Partners. Please continue to encourage your Elementary Principals to attend!
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New Legislative Requirements for Career Exploration

Click HERE for the link to the reference sheet.

Social Studies Revised Standards Update

Michigan Social Studies Standards: A Bird's Eye View Presentation

If you have staff that needs access to my resources stored in Google Drive, have them send me an email (rsovis@geneseisd.org) with the request.


Each week, Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability provides you with time sensitive, important information on student assessments and accountability. Don’t miss critical information -- Please click the following link for the January 23, 2020 edition of Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability

Dr. Tammy Pawloski Update and Debrief

Learning to Date:

Strategy #1: Building Relationships

Strategy #2: Reducing Stress

Strategy #3: Increasing Status

Strategy #4: Motivation

  • Your district team should be sharing the information with their staff
  • Using the information, teachers to decide what THEY are going to do in their classroom
  • Teachers should be then writing a plan and collecting data

What initiatives are happening? To what extent are teachers creating plans? Impact?


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Poverty Matters-A Listing of All Strategies

for a complete list of all of the strategies:


Spelling Bee

Dear Principals, Curriculum directors and Spelling Bee Coordinators,

Below you will find links to the 2020 Genesee County Regional County Bee documents.




Melissa and Linda

Professional Development Opportunities

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All Learning is Social & Emotional


March 10, 2020

9:00 - 3:00 p.m.


$165 per person

Teams of 3+ are $145 per person

Visit michiganascd.org to find the location closest to you!

To be invoiced, or if you have any questions, please contact Sara Bishop via email at sbishop@michiganascd.org.

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