by Connor Bryson

Official Country name & capital city

Country: Spain

Capital is Madrid

Significance of Flag

The Significance of Spain's flag is basically the constitution of Spain which was gained earning independence from Britian. The flag of Spain has 3 horizontal stripes of red,yellow, then red again. The yellow one is twice the size of each red one and is the biggest out of the three.
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There are 47.27 million people currently living in Spain based on the 2012 census.

Government (type, leader)

Spain is a democracy/ monarchy (influenced from Britian) nation.

Their King is Felipe the 6th and has been King since June 19, 2014!

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Most European countries (like Spain) use Euro's which 1 Euro = $1.12 U.S Dollars
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Cultural activities & entertainment

The cultural activities in Spain are significant to Spain's cultural. Las Fallas, Valencia festival is an event that takes place each March in the Mediterranean city of Valencia. The celebration lasts for a week and includes nonstop fireworks and noisy fanfare. It is usually one of the biggest events of the year. Semana Santa and La Feria de Abril, Seville is an event the consists of 2 parts.First is Semana Santa, a week of feasting and Roman Catholic rituals leading up to Easter. Holy Week in Seville features masked parades and enormous floats with Roman Catholic figures. This fun event is followed up by La Feria de Abril, a much more jolly event. Hundreds of tents and amusement park rides are set up for Seville's week-long party. The Bull run of Spain is a time of the year to do some exercize and run away from the bulls that are released in Madrid evey year.

Other Activities and events.

La Tomatina , Bunol is the festival of tomatoes every year tomatoes are thrown in the town of Bunol during the entire day. People from all over the world come to do this event so it is very special. Also there is the Fiesta de San Fermin, Pamplona the festivities occur annually in the middle of July. Fiesta de San Fermn also does a bull run which thousands of locals and foreigners take to the streets each morning to sprint in front of a stampeding herd of bulls along a route leading to the city's bull ring.


Foods in Spain are usually made with beans and rice because of the widespred of the crops. Paella and Cured meats are made of meats. While Tortilla Espanola, Gazpacho, Pisto, Croquettes and Pulpo al olivo aremade of vegetables or dairy products. In Spain there are deserts like

Pastas de Almendra aka Almond Cakes.

Tourist Attractions

There are many fun tourist attractions in Spain like Palacio Real which is the place or "kingdom" of the King of Spain and contains many historical artifacts of the country.

Also there is The Running of the Bulls which is an event every year where you run in front of Bulls for tradition, exercise, and your life. Last but not least La Tomatina which is a festival of the tomato where you throw at people with tomatoes!