"The Bottomless Lake"

A long time ago in Hoppyville, there lived a bunny named Cailee. She had very strict parents that wouldn't let her stay out past nine o'clock. Cailee was a good little bunny and always followed directions. One night, at 9:30, Cailee wanted to venture out beyond Hoppyville. Cailee lived in a huge mushroom and her room was upstairs. So, she climbed out her circular window, and slid down the mushroom.

She skipped around a pond, and laid under the stars. Then, out of nowhere, a big figure arose from the water on its hinds. Cailee screamed for help, but it was too late. The crocodile already had her in his hands . He gave her a big toss into the pond, and you could here her scream echo for miles. The lake ended up being bottomless, but after 5 years, Cailee would be released and a new creature would come in. Now, Cailee knew to always obey the rules.

Moral or Life Lesson

Always obey the rules.