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Week 35 1915

From the beginning until the end

Three months ago the war began. There is a difficult time getting started, which is far from over.

On 28 June 1914 the heir to the throne of Austria was killed. He was called Franz Ferdinand. His wife was also killed. They were both killed in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia. Austria demanded that the Austrian police do an investigation in Serbia about the murder. But Serbia disagreed completely. Therefore Serbia refused the investigation.

This makes Austria on 28 June 1914 declared war on Serbia. Within a few days most countries in Europe were involved in this war. Austria received support from Germany. Serbia had help from Russia, France, England and Belgium. Later, Serbia got help also from Italy and the United States.

The First World War was really begun.

It is now three months since the war began and the conditions are already very bad. The end is not there yet. Let's hope it's soon over and that there doesn’t fall too many victims.

Letter from the reader

Dear readers of the daily update,

Monday 24th Augustus, we, from the children organisation, organize a day for children. The meaning of it is to let the children forget about the war for one day. That day we will go play hide and seek, painting and lots of other fun games. Just for one day don’t let them work in the fabric or bring newspapers around. Give your older children a day free. We will babysit your children. Every boy and girl between 0 and 16 is welcome. It’s at the local church from St. Omer. Please consider it!

The people from the children organisation

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Our soldiers are fighting hard, but we get weapons shortage. So we are asking you to give us your weapons. They will used in the war to Deutschland. You can issue them by the local town. Thank you!

Women wanted

During the hard war to Deutschland, there are many wounded people. That’s why where are looking for women who take care of them. We can use all your help. Who hope we will see you soon!

Looking for fighters

The war is uprising. Many humans are fighting for this country, but we need you to, then we can make a stronger army. We hope that you want to join us.

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Tuesday, Aug. 24th 1915 at 9pm

local church St. Omer

For children between 0 and 16