Created by: Lorenzo Ferri


A continuous flow of electrons is called a current.

Ex. When your computer is charging, a current is flowing through your charger cable and into your laptop.

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Resistance is the difficulty an electron has while trying to pass through an object.

Ex. A rubber tire has MUCH more resistance than a piece of tin wire.

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A closed loop with current flowing is a circuit.

Ex. A current is made when a battery, has a conductor connecting at both the positive and the negative ends, completing the circuit.

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Comparing and Contrasting.

Resistance and circuit are all related because of the fact that a circuit needs a current to be functional, also, Resistance is related to both because of the fact that resistance determines how much current can be carried, and resistance is often located on a current.

The three vocab terms used above, Are used in our daily life by:

One: Circuits are constantly used in order to provide electricity to all the components of our life, considering that almost ever aspect in our life, requires a working circuit.

Two: Currents are used in our daily life constantly. To provide power to lights, computers, and other things we use every day.

Three: Resistance is used in our daily life as well, it's constantly used to protect use from the electrical currents being carried through wires, for example our laptop chargers, the plastic/rubber outsides are being used to protect use from the harmful inside which carries an electrical current into the laptop.