Transition Plus February 11

Hatred darkens life: love illuminates it...MLK Jr

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.

Art class will be selling Valentines this year!

We will be making a small Valentine for everyone, but we will also offer students and staff members the opportunity to purchase paper flowers that will be delivered to their Valentine 6th hour Thursday, February 14. These paper flowers will cost $1 and may include a message of your choosing. Please be on the look out for posters advertising our Valentine's Day sale as well as order forms. Spread the word!

TPlus Library

Exciting news...TPlus will have a student library! This will not be a traditional library, although there will be traditional components to it. We have the option to add e-books, audio books, and maker space activities.

Suggestions for materials can be added here. Please survey your students and families and start adding titles people want to see in the library.

If you have requests for the library see Ben, Patricia or Jewell

Project SEARCH update

Project SEARCH instructors Ann Johnson and Eric Reichow will be at Transition Plus on Tuesday, Feb 12 from 5:30-7 pm to share information about Project SEARCH and answer questions from students and parents. Project SEARCH applications will also be available on Feb 12.

Mark your calendars now to attend one (or both) of the information sessions.

  • The Children's Hospital event will be on Wednesday, March 13 from 4-6 pm in the Education Center located at 2525 Chicago Ave.

  • The Hennepin Healthcare event will be on Thursday, March 14 from 4-6 pm in the Stillman room located on the first floor at 715 8th Street .

Please contact Trish Praus with any Project SEARCH questions

Just a reminder--

Staff leaving early - when possible, please fill out a time off request. This will help Traci to keep track of absences and reasons when approving time in ESS, or entering on AESOP. Always sign out on the sign out sheet in the office by the copy machine.

If you are leaving for a meeting, lunch or any other reason, and will be back, please sign out and connect with Traci or Melissa. This will help us to know of your whereabouts and when you will be returning in the event someone is looking for you.

Food Service Kitchen - All of the supplies, food, cutlery, napkins, cookware, etc. that are in the commercial kitchen belong to the Nutrition Center, which is a separate entity from Transition Plus, therefore separate budgets.

Transition Plus supplies these items for our use from our budget.

Upcoming at TPlus

Monday -------- Non-tenured license staff meeting------ Fredrick's room---- 8:30

Tuesday ------- Team 2 Meeting

---------------------- Conferences------------4:30------7:30

---------------------- Engagement Night--5:30------7:00--- Project Search

Wednesday---- Union Meeting

-----------------------Team 3 Meeting

Thursday-------- Team 1 meeting

Friday ------------ Conferences 8:30---12:00 (licensed staff that stayed on Tuesday evening will be able to leave early)