spindletop oil

Patrick Feronti

spindletop overview

spindle top is an oil derrick that gushed enormous amounts of oil and everybody wanted to move there because there was so much oil that is flooded the market. The amount of oil is so much that it was bad for the economy because the oil prices went down because there was so much of it. This was the oil boom.

the history behind spindle top is that one guy noticed a different looking hill and he always thought there was oil in it. It turned out he was right and they hit the oil jackpot

population before and after the spindletop

Amarillo year:1900 population:1442 year:1940 population:51,686

Beaumont year:1900 population:9427 year:1940 population:59,061

Houston year:1900 population 44,633 year 1940 population 384,514

Wichita falls year 1900 population 2480 year 1940 population 45,112

15 things made from oil

shoes, sports equipment, tires, jewelry, fishing lures, toys, wax paper, glasses, purses/wallets, cologne/perfume, yarn, tape, CDs, paint brushes


Oct,10th discovery of spindletop the oil boom caused problems because if flooded the market. the end of the oil boom was around the 1930s.