Corp Governance Research Incubator

Dear Corporate Governance friends,

We hope you are well. As you may know the next EURAM conference will be organized in Switzerland, Winterthur/Zurich 15-17 June. For more info see:

The reason for us sending this email is that we are organizing more informal online “Corporate Governance Research Incubator sessions” in November and December before the EURAM conference. These sessions are open to EURAM members and non-EURAM members alike. But these sessions are particularly suitable to further develop the work you are planning to submit to the EURAM conference.

The goal is to help one another develop research related to corporate governance. As always, we welcome research exploring all aspects of antecedents and consequences – of corporate governance and boards of directors. If you have a preliminary research idea, if you have a project that is halfway done, or if you have a project that has been on the shelf for some time, the Research Incubator Sessions is the place for you.

Corporate Governance Research Incubator

Sunday, Nov. 21st, 9pm to Saturday, Dec. 11th, 11pm

This is an online event.

Target audience:

Junior scholars might benefit most from expert advice, but also more experienced governance scholars are welcome to join. There is capacity to have an in-depth discussion for 10 research projects, which will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.


As input for the session you can prepare a two-pager with your current research ideas or project. You will present your work in an online session to a group of experienced governance scholars who will then meet online with you to provide feedback to further develop your work.


End of November/early December.

If you are interested in participating, please click on the link below to indicate your interest:

Also please distribute this message to (junior) corporate governance scholars in your network.

All the best,

The Corporate Governance SIG team

Francesca Cuomo

Amedeo Pugliese

Emma García Meca

Dennis Veltrop

Patricia Gabaldon