Create a Smore!

no, not the yummy kind!

Assignment overview.

You are to create a Smore flyer based on your research for the Cell Structure project. Please follow the directions below, and watch the video for details on how to navigate Smore.

Steps to Create a Smore

1.Create an account.

1. Click sign up

2. Enter your email, name and password.

2.Select a template.

Choose a template that is reflective of your project. Keep in mind that the colors and images emphasize the tone and mood of your paper.

3.Add Images.

Images give the reader a visual representation of the message you are trying to convey. They can also mislead the viewer, or depict biases. Make sure you "read" your images before you post them to make sure they support your claim.

4. Add Video.

You can embed videos by copying and pasting the URL. This is a short tutorial on how to navigate Smore. Tutorial

5. Done editing? Publish your work, but keep it PRIVATE!

When you are finished creating your flyer, click "Done Editing" on the right sidebar. This will publish your flyer. Please click on the "flyer settings" and make sure that your flyer is set to "private."

6.Send the URL link to your teacher.

Copy the link address and send it to your teacher via email.