Top 5 Mobile Apps In Elementary

Discover these apps to enhance learning...

Math Motion App

Math Motion is a purchased app that can be downloaded and used with in an elementary classroom. Math Motion provides children and teachers with education learning games that can be used to improve children's understandings in fractions, addition, multiplication, etc. It is designed to help students find challenges and successfully complete them. Math Motion costs around 1 to 4 dollars depending on the game that is downloaded.

Martha Speaks Dog Party App

Martha Speaks Dog Party was created after the show Martha Speaks. This app is appropriate for an elementary classroom and includes 4 different games that can help enhance children's vocabulary. It helps children understand what words mean and how to associate them. Children can listen for commands, pick plates to match the word, accessorize dog party guests and much more with this easily downloadable app.

Solar Walk App

Solar Walk is a free 3D solar system model app that allows students and teachers to navigate through time and space to learn about planets and concepts interactively. It allows children to explore the variety of information and watch videos to learn more. This app has 3D mode but you will need 3D glasses to watch it.

Reading Rainbow App

Reading Rainbow is a free app that is great to implement in an elementary classroom. Children travel to themed islands and can choose a book or field trip to review. These books provide an option to read alone or read with audio. Also, the field trip portion allows the children to interactively go on a field trip and discover new things. Reading Rainbow is not only a great reading resource but it offers animations and activities as well.

Candy Count App

Candy Count is a great free app that teachers can use in a Kindergarten classroom because it provides children with opportunities to learn how to count, sort, compare and arrange with something fun like gummy bears and candies. It provides simple instructions and bright colors to capture the attention of younger children.

How Can I use these Apps in a Classroom ? ? ? ? ?

Motion Math - This can be used as an extension for a math lesson. Children can use this app to practice what they have learnt in class while playing the games. Can be used in a multiplication, addition or subtraction unit.

Martha Speaks Dog Party - This app can be used as an interactive lesson that the teacher can do with the whole class. It can be displayed/shared on the SMARTboard and allow students to come up to the front to participate. It can help children with saying a word and associated it to something for easy memory.

Solar Walk - This app can be used in a Grade 6 classroom to promote learning about the day and night cycles and seasons. Students can be given a particular day and time that they have to explore and collect facts and reasoning to answer questions. They can also search the videos for evidence on their answers.

Reading Rainbow - This app can be use during quiet time where the children are reading quietly to themselves. Providing children with headphones with this app is essential so they don't disturb others if they choose the read with me option. Instead of checking out library books in school children can access any book they want to on this app.

Candy Count - A Kindergarten teacher can use this app in her class to teach the basics of counting with materials. Use this app in a whole class discussion at circle time. Invite children to come up and help you count, sort, arrange and compare. This app can also be used for practicing during station time with Kindergartners.