LCP Voice for Mid November

Personal Sharing

It is the Passion and Value that matter

Recently, the topic of passion toward what I am doing as well as my personal value filled up all my mind. And I am great to have these thought shared with people around me. These are what I received from people around me that I hope to share with you.

Member Committee Update


Last weekend, our leaders from AIESEC in UTM had attended functional summits conducted by TM, FL, oGCP, oGTP and MaC. I am sure these summits are able to bring in some new perspective and energy to those who attended. Question, "Do you wish to gain some energy and passion from them as well?" Let's take our action to approach them to ask for more!


Look, what show we have currently in the national plenary? It is Street Fighter Campaign that aims to level up the experience of local young people for Global Citizen Programme and that of local company for Global Talent Programme. Within these four weeks, let's do our best to fight for the best!

ACTION for Global Citizen Programme

Shocking sharing about GCP from one MaC member's point of view.

"I know what this GCP programme is about, but I don't think I am capable for this programme now, in my first year. I don't think I am ready yet for this exchange"

Leaders, what can we do about this. How can we make the programme relevant to our members? Share your thought here

ACTION for Global Talent Programme

  • Let's keep the communication about street fighter campaign flow within the LC.
  • Let's cheer up for GTP department people for their big steps in making iGTP happen.

    If we are to be daring enough to make a step to do something that we might afraid of, what and how should we make sure we have the courage to do it?


Take action now, let's our voice be heard here. And for sure, make sure your members' voice are able to be heard as well by informing them about this survey.

Extraordinary General Meeting

Friday, Nov. 14th, 7:30pm

L50, DK2

This is an election for our next leader of AIESEC in UTM and we need your full support to make this event happen.

Leaders, please make sure you update you and your members attendance for this election here by 13th November noon.

Leaders 1415 Meet a.k.a EBDM

Thursday, Nov. 27th, 8:30pm



  • Share about the reality of AIESEC in UTM in November and action needed for December
  • Plan for January and February timeline and events
  • Get EB + MT = Leaders of AIESEC in UTM


  1. Welcoming + Leaders Cafe
  2. LC Reality + Action
  3. Timeline Planning
  4. Sharing

Please update your attendance lately by 20th November.

MCP Election

Saturday, Nov. 29th, 9am

Jalan Taylors

Subang Jaya, Selangor

This is the election for us to select our next MCP for term 1516.

For EBs, the attendance is compulsory for 2/3 of the membership criteria.

For Directors, the attendance is encouraged.

Please update your attendance here