Physical Therapist

Devin Winters

Description of Profession

Physical Therapists (PT's) work with patients who have been injured to the point where they have lost certain functions of there body. They work to rehabilitate the patient closest to the point they were before the accident if possible.

Certifications Necessary to be a Physical Therapist

To become a PT you must take a doctoral program and complete the class that certificate will get you what you need including college.

Daily Activities of a Physical Therapist

On a day to day basis PT's usually are working with patients trying to help them achieve there goals to move the way they did before

Educational Requirements

Bachelors degree necessary to get into a doctoral program

Payday: Average Income of a Physical Therapist

Necessary Skills to be a Good Physical Therapist

You have to be a good peoples person and friendly but at the same time strict in making sure the patient is not slacking.

Practice Setting: Where do physical therapists work?

Private offices and clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. They are usually staying active working with there patients.

Job Outlook


34% a lot faster than average

So you want to be a Physical Therapist