Intangible Cultural Heritage

Chinese Paper Cutting


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What is Intangible Cultral Heritiage?

Intangible means it is incapable of being touched and delicate and cultural heritage is traditions and a way of living, also cultural heritage can be objects, collections and monuments and when you put 'intangible' and 'cultural heritage' together you get a cultural heritage that is not delicate and special.
Chinese paper cutting is an intangible cultural heritage practiced in China. It means happiness and good luck and it is glued to the door or window. It is used on special occasions and celebrations like weddings , promotions and moving houses.

How can you make a chinese paper cut?

firstly you need a pencil, red paper, ruler and scissors. Then you lie the paper out flat on a flat surface, then you fold it in half and if you are more advanced you can fold it again so it is in quarters. Now pick up you pencil and draw your design. Then cut it out and unfold. Now you have a chinese paper cut and you can hahg it on you door or window.


I think that Chinese paper cutting is an intangible cultural heritage that needs to be preserved in the lives of Chinese people.

To make detailed Chinese paper cuts you need to have practice and skill and it is a fine art and a great skill to have in life. It also needs to be kept going because the teaching and skills need to be passed down the generations.



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