birthday/death info

he was born march 15 1767,waxhaws

he died June 8 1845,Nashville Tennessee

Andrew Jackson died on his plantation

Andrew Jackson died because of heart failure

Andrew Jackson was born in his house

childhood/family education

at age 13 Andrew Jackson joined the american army to fight the British.all of Jackson's family died and he became an orphan.he studied law in Salisbury north 1787 he earned his license to practice law.he was sent to better schools then his brothers.

important life events

he married Rachel Jackson in 1791.after gambling all of his money he decided to settle down and became a lawyer.1796 he was elected to the u.s. house of representatives.1828 he was elected president of the u.s.


became a delagate to the convention that wrote the constitution for the state of tennesse. andrew jackson served in the house of representatives. andrew jackson won the battle of new orleans in 1815. andrew jackson inforced the indian removal act in 1830.

interesting facts

he was 6 foot 1 inch and only 140 pounds.andrew jacksons parents emigrated from ireland to the new america. andrew jackson killed a man in duel. he didnt have any children instead he adopted 2 native american boys. the period of american history from 1820 to 1850 was called the age of jackson

contributions to change

Andrew Jackson helped expand america. Andrew Jackson helped keep the union together. when andrew jackson was president he vetoed 12 bills. andrew jackson helped in the american revolution when he was 13.