Braintree's Got Talent 2013 ♫

A Charity Event by Rotary Interact of Braintree Sixth Form

Welcome to our page. Braintree's Got Talent 2013 be held to raise money for charity. There will be auditions held all over Braintree, check our agenda below for dates and times for each school we will be visiting. You will have to be between the ages of 11 and 19 to participate. The Final will be on Saturday 13 July 2013, so make sure that you are free on those dates if you decide to take part. Tickets to view these events are now available to purchase at Braintree Arts Theatre Box Office or BOOK ONLINE at Everyone is invited to watch this event, aimed at raising money for Scott Hardy Foundation and End Polio Now. One ticket costs £3.50.

NOTE: This page will regularly be updated with information so please check regularly.

Our Aims

At Rotary Interact at Braintree Sixth Form, we are raising money for 2 charities.

End Polio Now, whose main objective is to get rid of Polio in the world. Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease, and funds are needed to protect children from this disease to ensure that children, in excess of 10 million, do not grow up with a chance of becoming paralysed in the next 40 years. Due to their work, and similar organisations, the number of Polio endemic countries has reduced from 125 in 1988 to only 3 NOW. To read more about them and their work, please visit:

Scott Hardy Foundation, set up in 2010 to support the families of members of the Armed forces who have either died while serving or as a result of injuries that they had gotten while serving. The Foundation helps these families financially, by raising money to help the families cope with the costs of the funerals and repatriation. The Foundation gives people such a huge amount of support in their difficult times and has had a lasting, positive impact to all the families the Foundation has reached. To find out more about them and their work, please visit:

How to get involved

Braintree's Got Talent 2013 is open to anyone between the ages of 11 and 19, attending secondary school and above. We will be holding two events, one for the younger years - 11 to 14 years old - and another for the older years - 15 to 19 year old. So if you've got a talent that you want to share, be it singing, dancing, acting, magic tricks or anything else, you must take part in Braintree's Got Talent this year.

A consent form has to be filled out by your parents allowing you to take part. These will be available at your school office and must be returned to your school office? It will cost to take part, however all the profits will go to the two charities named above. The school office at your school will collect the entry fees so please make sure that along with the form, payment is attached. See our agenda below to find information on when we will be visiting your school to hold auditions.
Entry Fees:
£3 for per solo act
£5 for per group act

Like all the amazing competitions out there, there will be a prize for the winners (and runner-ups?) (as well as certificates) of both events. The prize breakdown is:
Junior Competition
Total Prize Fund -
Sponsored by

Senior Competition
Total Prize Fund - £400
Sponsored by Domino's Pizza

Important Information for Entrants

It is important that anyone who wish to audition have their materials ready. This means that all songs/backing tracks must be available on either a CD or USB. If it is on a USB stick, the file must be in the format of an MP3. For those that intend to sing, please make sure that your CD/USB file only contains the background music of your choice and does not include the artist singing.


If instruments are available at your school for auditions, that is fine. However, if there are none available, you must use your own instruments. If you proceed to the next stages of the competition, please be aware that you must supply your own instruments and equipment for your act as we are unable to do so.

Thank you

Our Agenda

The final will be held on Saturday 13 July 2013, at Braintree Arts Theatre from 7:30pm onwards.

On the following days, we will be visiting secondary schools all over Braintree to hold auditions. If you do not attend any of the schools mentioned below, feel free to attend any of the schools below for your audition.

  • Notley High School:

1st Audition: Thursday 9/05/2013, 3:30-4:30pm in the Drama Studio

2nd Audition: Thursday 23/05/2013, 3:30-4:30pm in G2

  • Alec Hunter Humanities College: Friday 24/05/2013, 3;30-4:30pm in the Learning Village,

For anyone that is unavailable to make it to these schools, there will be an Open Mic session at Braintree Carnival on Saturday 8 June 2013 between 12pm-1pm

Open Mic

Saturday, June 8th, 12pm

Braintree, United Kingdom

Braintree, England

The Open Mic will take place at Braintree Carnival 2013, from 12pm to 1pm.


Saturday, July 13th, 7:30pm

Braintree Arts Theatre, Braintree, United Kingdom

Braintree, Essex


Tickets to view the show will cost £3.50 per person. These are available to purchase from the Braintree Arts Theatre Box Office or their website NOW!!


There will be time, earlier in the day, when you are required to attend the Arts Theatre to have a rehearsal. The time will follow.

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