All about me

Jakob lewis

Sports that I play.

I only do one sport and that is wrestling last year i got first at the middle school conference.

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Sports that I like to watch.

I like to watch the Packers and the saints play football. I also like to watch the Wisconsin Badgers play football. One other sport i like to watch is the Wisconsin badgers and the Detroit Red Wings play hockey.

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Sports teams that I like.

I like the Green bay Packers. I also like the New Orleans Saints. Another team I like is the Wisconsin Badgers hockey and football team. And the last team is the Detroit Red Wings.

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Things that I like to do.

I like to go fishing, I really like to sing, and I like to wrestle. Also, I LOVE to go camping.

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Music that I like.

The only music that i like is rock and country.

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Food that i like.

I like fish, I like hamburgers, i like chicken nuggets, I like pizza.

My family.

The only people that I live with is my brother and my mom.