Tony Gwynn

By: Nathan Johnson

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Basic Facts

Born: May 9, 1960, Los Angeles, CA

Died: June 16, 2014, Poway, CA

He was a professional baseball player. He played right field.

He lived for 54 years.


Gwynn won eight batting titles in his career, tied for the most in National League (NL) history. He is considered one of the best and most consistent hitters in baseball history. He had a .338 career batting average, never hitting below .309 in any full season. Gwynn was a 15-time All-Star, recognized for his skills both on offense and defense with seven Silver Slugger Awards and five Gold Glove Awards

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Interesting Fact

Basketball was actually his favorite sport.

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Character Trait

Consistent is a character trait of Tony Qwynn because he was one of the most consistent hitters in baseball history.


He was an inspiration to many baseball players because he proved that you didn't have to hit home runs all the time to be a great hitter.

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