The Giver

By Lois Lowry Created by Justin Gadson


Jonas is a eleven-year old boy that lives with his mom,dad and his baby sister LIly. In his community people are assigned "Assignments" which are basically a job that is given to them by Committee Of Elders that they have to do in till their time is up and they get a new one. In the Ceremony of Twelve as everyone is getting their the next "Assignment", Jonas's name is skip and he is now worried and confused about what's going on later he finds out that as a little kid The Committee Of Elders have been looking at him because the see a lot of potential in him. So they decide to make him The Receiver Of Memory which is a honorable job, this person advises the community because he or she keeps all of the community's memories. Jonas would be going through a rigorous training with "The Giver", in which The Giver would transferring dreams from the past,Jonas would feel all different types of sensation from a sunburn to being in a war zone to even love. During this course of the weeks Jonas would find out what it means to be "Released" which basically means that the Nurter sticks a syringe inside the person and they later on die, we will also find out who was Rosemary and how her and the Giver had such a good bond. But what turns the book around is that The Giver makes a plan for Jonas to leave the community and not to return because to the Giver eyes he feels that things must change.


very intelligent, catches on to stuff really fast, shows great concern of friends and family. Once he learns more about memories and feeling he is more open minded to learn and meet people. He is fascinate by everything he sees that sometimes he does not want to leave the class. One of Jonas's main challenge that he has faced is when he saw his dad "Release" one of the twins, once he sees this Jonas is in complete shock and does not want to leave.

“If you were to be lost in the river, Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you. Memories are forever.”
Lois Lowry, The Giver

Main Idea Quetions

1. At the end of ''The Giver'' it was very unexpecting and very odd , do you think it was worth the trip even though Jonas listen to "The Giver" for advise?

2. In the book like "The Giver" what features of the community do we follow but they do not, do you think this is part of their religion?

3.What would "The Giver" do to spend more time with Rosemary, if Rosemary is already dead?

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Comments (Likes and Dislikes)

(+) very interesting ,people have to work at a young age

(+) The Giver and Jonas have a really good relationship

(-)The ending does not quite add up with the whole story, which throws everything off.