Third Grade News

May & June Curriculum Update

It is Spirit Week this week! Be sure to check the flyer in your child's Friday Folder about the theme for each day!

Reading Workshop

It has been quite an adventure in third grade! We have been reading about sailing hamsters, a boy surviving alone in the wilderness with just a hatchet, and kids maneuvering through a city after an earthquake. We are finishing up our adventure book clubs this week and will be focusing on a cumulative project for the year. The students will be reviewing key strategies that we learned this year and select a recent book to dig deeper into its context. We are going to dissect one of our favorite books from the year in a variety of ways and present it to the class at the end of the month. Karen and I will also be doing our final round of testing using the Fountas and Pinnell leveling system. It is going to be a busy month and the students should be continuing to read for 30 minutes every night and logging it in their reading log.

Also, the 45 minute club has been meeting every other week and lunch and the group has really been trying to stretch their reading to make even bigger gains!

Robotics Day!

Students in the 7th and 8th grade Digital Studio elective will be hosting a Robotics Day for our class. Third graders will be learning from how to program with WeDo Lego robots and software. This exciting event will be taking place on Tuesday, May 19th. Be sure to check Facebook for photos and videos.

Writing Workshop

The students are going to be publishing their poems this week! We are going to type them out on Wixie and have a special reading later this week. After our celebration, we are going to start our final unit of the year, "Memoir Writing." The students are going to select a small meaningful moment from their lives and craft a story about its significance. They are going to be employing many of the strategies we have learned this year and will be introduced to this style of writing through a read aloud and student samples. The students will write their entries in their journals, select a story, and bring it to a draft and eventually a "published piece." The students will use their writing buddy to help them edit and revise their drafts and also independently try to identify ways to help make their writing better.


The third grade is currently learning about fractions. They are going to be participating in a "mini-project" with a partner to research and present the importance of fractions in everyday life and the workplace. They are going to be challenged to correlate fractions to other scenarios or topics in math as well.

After fractions, we continue with our "mini-units" of time, geometry, and area and perimeter. We are going to be identifying units of time, calculating elapsed time, and solving word problems with different measurements of time.

We are then going to be identifying different shapes and the angles we may find within those shapes. We'll introduce ourselves to "degrees" and be able to compare shapes and sizes. This unit will help us better understand area and perimeter. In that unit, we are going to define area and perimeter and use set formulas to calculate each for a variety of shapes and sizes. We will solve word problems throughout and use cheez-its and other manipulatives to help use grasp this concept.

It's May and that means only one thing... the last Math Centers of the year is coming up! They will be held on May 20th from 12:30pm-1:30pm. I have some names from the sign up at the beginning of the year that I will contact but email me if you are interested in coming in!

Social Studies

The third grade is on its way to the largest continent, Asia. We have already introduced ourselves to the continent through discussions and maps. We are going to learn about how the geography of the continent has affected people's lives through a study of Mt. Everest and the Gobi Desert. We are also going to use political maps and physical maps to drive our discussion about the location of countries and their relations with each other and other parts of the world. We are also going to learn about the culture of different Asian countries and present our findings in a "night market" style with all sorts of artifacts represented.

We are going to be returning to the Philadelphia Art Museum on May 22nd for our final field trip of the year to view and analyze Asian art. We'll make connections to the content we are studying and also compare the art to the previous pieces we have seen in Europe and Africa.