Around me I see masks,

Masks of rich, of happy of perfection…

Pretend like a little girl with a dollhouse.

So put on your hat with the feathers,

Dress up in a suit and tie,

Here's a drink, now just dance with me.

Don't look through the curtains

Dont peek around to the back yard

You'll see and hear things

Look at the host

He's chatting with them

He doesn't know that the gossip follows him

This is no mansion,

Mines much bigger

Compared to this Dollhouse

Well be perfect guests

Let's trash this place

Its just the normal thing

Everyone thinks that we're perfect

But here we'll take off our masks

Don't lie to me


I see things that no one else sees

We just look like perfect plastic.

This poem “Dollhouse” is about how the upper class in the 1920’s and how they are seen as “perfect” and how they have to follow their social norms. They have the tendency to party a lot and live in these giant, beautiful mansions. People tend to gossip, or do things that aren't normal and hide it. It's almost as if they wear disguises to hide the things they do that's out of their norms and to hide their problems just to show to society that they are perfect.