A Christmas Carol

Michael Ruth

The Christmas Carol play is very funny, to-the-point, and intense. First of all, the play doesn't beat around the bush as much as the book, there isn't five pages describing a chair. Also, there are very funny characters that aren't in the book like Meriweather, she is just like Scrooge and she's just so done with everything. Furthermore, you'll be on the edge of your seat in certain parts of the play like when Marley and the Future Ghost come to Scrooge. In conclusion, if you see the play you'll be more interested than reading any book.

Scrooge made sacrifices in the Christmas Carol. For example, Scrooge had to sacrifice his old life. In addition, Scrooge was a rude and greedy old man who didn't care about anyone. So when he changed, he gave money and food to people in need. In conclusion, everyone makes some sacrifices in their life.