Come see a rare Albino Dolphin

Located at Taiji whale museum

Facts on the baby Albino dolphin

This rare Albino dolphin calf was about less than a year old and was part of the Taiji dolphin hunt. The museum that kept the dolphin said, “So the calf could survive, but it was certainly not guaranteed. The calf is very stressed without its mother. This young Albino calf was the first dolphin selected for capture and sale. Albinos are also very common to get diseases. Naomi Rose had a big dispute on where the dolphin was kept she thought the young dolphin shouldn’t be there for health issues. They finally kept the dolphin at the Taiji whale museum on January18, 2014.

More about the Taiji dolphin hunt

The Taiji hunt, in which fishers usually capture a large pod of 200 to 250 bottlenose dolphins into a netted shoreside bay, always killing 42 dolphins.