Nintendo Koppai

¨Leave Luck to Heaven¨

What is Nintendo?

If you don't know what Nintendo is, you probably came from a very deprived childhood. However in short, Nintendo is gaming company that has produced the miracle works of Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, the list is endless. This company is based in Japan, but it has spread internationally. It conquered the gaming industry, and is arguably one of the best known companies in the world! Yet very little people know the process nor story of this gaming company. The company that many grew up with! The company that went from stress to success! The company that shaped modern life!

Where Nintendo was forged.

In 1885, a skilled craftsman, Fusajiro Yamauchi wanted to start a business, and with will power he did, in a small town known as Kyoto; a town slightly more rural, and village-like than Tokyo. This company he named Nintendo Koppai. In Japanese: 任天堂株式会社. Basically this company made hanafuda cards; cards that are smaller and thicker than american style cards, and feature wildlife, and plants. They started this company out of profit, but made something much more. In 1905 business boomed, when the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, started using their cards, and Nintendo struck a deal with tobacco stores to have their cards sold there. Overtime Nintendo has went from producing toys, to producing some of the most amazing games, and consoles today.

Nintendo's Influence

Gaming in the later 1900s was more of a single player boy thing. Although some games offered multiplayer, it wasn't the same as what Nintendo made. Nintendo created 4 and 5 player games, and exercise games, than not only made gaming a bit healthier, but a bit more involved. Rather than pressing buttons, Nintendo offers games with motion. With all this Nintendo made a good move with 4 to 5 players, It allowed family to become more involved with each other. Samus, a female character in Nintendo's franchise, has been a great example of the strong female leads that live throughout Nintendo.Nintendo, are people who saw video games as a game for kids to, companies like Ubisoft, and Microsoft don't specialize in Kid friendly gaming. Without Nintendo, personally I would be different. Nintendo is a fluffy gaming company that set me on the path of this journey. I prize gaming as one of my favorite hobbies, and what I center my life around, the friends I make are based off their hobbies, and interests. Had I not been introduced to Nintendo, or if It didn't exist I wouldn't be me.


Nintendo is a complete family based company, all of the C.E.O.s have been related to the family line. They have passed this company off for generations, and you have to admit, 125 years in business gives you some street cred. The creator wasn't to special, but the company as a whole is. Their most popular franchise is Mario Brothers, and their most popular console was the Wii. The way its marketed isn't very biased, It doesn't directly appeal to adults, teens, or kids, but all of them. Although if I had to pick it would be ens. That's who they often show playing their games, kids from 11-14. No matter, Nintendo is a legend, it always has been, and always will be.