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Why I Teach Money Matters

When I was growing up, my family never discussed money situations. So, as a young man, I unfortunately got in over my head with credit card debt. Combine that with my student loan payments and my car loan, I entered into my marriage with several thousands of dollars of debt. Fortunately for my family, my wife and I have taken the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and were able to get ourselves out of every debt (besides our mortgage.)

Hopefully through this course, your students will learn to avoid many of the mistakes that I (and 70% of our society) have made.

Money Matters Teacher Website

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Introduction to the Course

Debt is an epidemic in America. Students are entering college without the practical, but essential, skills of balancing their checkbook, living within their means, and saving for their future. The mistakes people make with their finances during early adulthood are usually burdens that follow them for many years and may hinder their plans for their careers and/or family.

Money Matters will promote financial responsibility among teens by building their basic money management skills. This class will empower students to make sound financial decisions for life. This course will change your financial future of and set you on a path to win with money, allowing to change the way you look at money forever. You will be empowered, equipped and entertained while building confidence in their own financial decision-making.

We will use Dave Ramsey’s videos, class discussion, projects, practical application, group assignments, and some homework to teach these foundational principles to healthy personal finances. Students will learn saving, creating a budget, balancing a checkbook, investing, college/retirement planning, dealing with debt, avoiding debt, insurance, and much more.

Money Matters will provide unique tools to teach students the basics of personal finance using methods that are both entertaining and engaging. The curriculum will provide students a solid foundation on which they can build their financial future.

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All About Mr. Cone

I have been teaching at Hebron High School since the 2000-2001 school year. I taught Communication Applications for the first 14 1/2 years. I have since joined the Business department, where I currently teach Money Matters and Business Law.

I am originally from Romeoville, IL. I moved to Texas after my high school graduated, where I eventually earned a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Hardin-Simmons University. I then started my first career, working as a junior account executive for an in-house advertising agency. After realizing that I needed a career change, I originally entered into education as a one-year transition job. Now, after 16 years of teaching, I think I am done transitioning. I have also held other various part-time/temporary jobs over my life, which I try to incorporate into my teaching.

I have been married to my wife, Stephanie, since 2004. We have three adorable children, Evan, Josiah and Isaac. In my free time, I am an active member at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, where I serve in in various leadership roles. At school, I serve as the sponsor for YoungLife and Journey To Dream and as a Mentor Teacher for our new staff members.

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