Miss Barber's class news

September 16, 2016


Next week in our Building Good Reading Habits unit we will focus on how partners read together. We will learn how partners sit and share their books. We will learn how partners help each other when they are stuck. We will also learn how partners talk about books at the end of reading a book.
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Next week in our Small Moments unit we will learn craft moves from different authors. We will learn how to use pop out words and exact actions.
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Next week we will begin our 2nd unit about strategies to use to solve problems. We will practice counting on and using related (turn around) facts. We will also play math games to help us learn combinations that make 10. Below you will see an example of a game we will play next week.
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Next week we will begin our 1st science unit. During this unit we will learn what scientists do and how scientists go about doing those things. We will learn about and practice using scientific tools.


Next week we will begin the Bible story about Joseph and his coat of many colors.