February Monthly Memo

JBE 4th Grade

HERO Status Update

We are so proud of the large number of students who have already earned HERO status by completing the 100 problem math workbook. In fact, more and more superhero shirts are being seen all over JBE!

As part of the 5th grade IB Exhibition project, students in our classes have been receiving extra help with our math workbooks from 5th grade students. We hope to see every fourth grader run across that stage and grab their superhero shirt very soon.

How We Organize Ourselves

We have recently started talking about our new IB planner. This unit is all about organization--from the construction of our early government, to plant and animal systems, and even recognizing patterns and rules in math. Students have already had great discussions about their own rules and procedures at home.

Tech News

What an exciting start to 2014! iPads are in use daily, and the fourth grade teachers are collaborating and sharing ways they are using the new technology in class. Students now have an opportunity to publish their writing using many of the digital publishing apps; we have explored new note taking apps for recording new information learned in science and social studies lessons; and students are reflecting and responding to relevant online articles in a safe, collaborative format. Since we are doing so much electronically (and saving paper), remember the option to view your child's grades online through the Parent Portal. Contact Mrs. Kim Smith in the office for more information.

Here are some very helpful websites that we have used all year (and especially recently, since we now have iPads):




We are starting a new unit on fractions. A great at home resource for manipulatives is the VirtualManipulatives app for iPads and http://www.glencoe.com/sites/common_assets/mathematics/ebook_assets/vmf/VMF-Interface.html . We will use these in class as well. You are also still encouraged to set up your account for the online math book. There is even a great ConnectEd iPad app for this.

Wee Deliver

It's that time again! Many of our students have great memories of being such a huge part of this school-wide activity last year in 3rd grade. This year, students will have the opportunity to write letters to any student, teacher, or other staff member in the whole school. We will be facilitating some refresher mini-lessons about writing letters and addressing envelopes, and letter writing will be a part of our Writer's Workshop options. Happy Writing!

Important Dates

Wee Deliver February 10--March 7

Science Fair Project is due Monday February 10

Valentines Day Cookie Decorating Party February 14

"Upcycling" opportunity: If you have any small shoe boxes or empty tissue boxes, please send these in to your child's teacher. We would love to use them for a Valentines project.