Down Deep in the Earth!

Presented by York County Natural Gas & Museum of York County

York County Natural Gas Authority

is sponsoring Title 1 schools across York County for the Museum of York County program, Down Deep in the Earth. Students will receive an introduction or review (covering 5th-8th grade standards) for earth science topics.

The sponsorship includes admission to the Museum, a 60-minute inquiry-based program in the Museum's Naturalist Center, and a choice of one planetarium viewing in the Settlemyre Planetarium.

Naturalist Center Lab: Down Deep in the Earth

Volcanoes, earthquakes and mining all deal with what lies under the surface of the planet we call Earth. Students will interact with technology, create models, identify minerals, and explore where the things they use every day actually come from deep in the Earth.

Planetarium Program Options: Dinosaur Discovery or Ice Worlds

Dinosaur Discovery:

Ice Worlds:

Testimony from York Road Elementary Educator......


Please contact

Mrs. Science

If you are interested in having your 5th grade class sponsored for the full filled program.

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