The Apartheid

Politics had many effects on south africa during the apartheid. Apartheid began to change for South Africans when Pieter Botha took office as prime minister in 1978.
The 1984 South African Constitution, promulgated during Botha's term in office
In 1994, Mandela was elected as South Africa's president, and the dark era of apartheid came to an end. Segregation started in the 1900's with the dutch descendants having more rights. Racial laws were passed and people protested against them. Mendela who was against the apartheid the entire time was elected as president. Frederik de Klerk gained power

The apartheid was changing south africa with causes and effects. Africans joined the group around the1980’s and carried out guerrilla attacks on South African targets. Working changed became increasingly common, including sports boycotts of South Africa.The United States is on South Africas side and wants their government to suceed. We want to help close states by taking away attacks and helping them when they do get attacked. United States wants to help African congress and is encouraging them

In south africa during the apartheid there were changes in economy. Countires didn’t want to get involved and kept away from south africa. Jobs were scarce and blacks were put in white spots. not enough space in cities and towns meaning they didnt have a lot of money to afford a nice house. blacks and whites had to live in different areas
International economic sanctions also had an effect on South Africa riots, boycotts, and direct democracy. Weapons and guns etc, should be taken away.

Before and after the apartheid in south africa was different because there were so many impacts.Klerk wanted to dismantle the apartheid. ANC leader was freed. the official end to the apartheid and apartheid laws was in 1992. The southern African nations gained their independence between 1975 and 1980. The people that were hurt need help recovering so we are assisting them. The victims need rights and we are supporting them.

In the south africa during the apartheid lots of people wanted resistance but some also did not. Protesting was a big thing that took place many times and sometimes turned out deadly. People who revolted for change were arrested. School children were involved in the strikes which interfered with their education. People were very racist. Self-help organizations for Africans throughout the country. 60,000 black african workers went on strike, riots, rebels, prostest, etc. broke out. a lot of violence