3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending May 1, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Adams

Just a reminder that PARCC testing is on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Please remind your child to eat a healthy breakfast and get enough sleep the night before. They can bring in their normal daily snack.

Thank you so much to our chaperones who volunteered their time on the Planetarium field trip! We had a great time and appreciate all the parents for spending the day with us!

Making Bar Graphs in the Computer Lab

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By Peter and Mikey

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Mrs. Adams class went to the computer lab and we made surveys. We picked five things to vote on, for example some of us did favorite food, song, writers, and colors. When we were done collecting data about the surveys, we tried a new program about bar graphs. We created our bar graph by using different fonts, sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. When we were done picking the shapes, sizes and all of the different stuff, we had to put it all together. We had to download it on to the computer. Then, we saved it and printed it. Everybody had lots and lots of fun! Bar graphs are very fun!

Lucky for us, we can try it at home whenever we want! The link to the bar graph site is on Mrs. Adams' eboard under the math tab.

Check out the picture below of our cool graphs!

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Fairy Tale Fun!

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Fairytale Fun!

By: Alina and Jane Lynn

This week in writing we are starting a new unit called Fairy tales!! We read a book called Prince Cinders. We talked about the changes that were made and compared them to the real Cinderella story. We also talked about why the author changed the characters and the events in the story.

Then we read a whole bunch of different versions of Cinderella and filled out a graphic organizer about the changes the author's made and why they made the changes. (pictures below)

We also read a book called Three Billy Goats Gruff and Little Red Riding Hood. We had to pick one of the stories to adapt, and we will eventually be writing our own version. We hope you are as excited as we are about our new unit called Fairy tales!

Fantastic Field Trip Fun

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Planetarium Field Trip

By: Ryan and Erin

Dear Parents,

Our field trip was fantastic! But…. Erin wait, Erin is my partner so she said it’s okay to tell you, Erin almost fell asleep! The screen was on the top of us, not in the front, so we sat in chairs that leaned back so we could see the screen (and they were so comfie and relaxing). In one part of the movie, it showed the space shuttle and a real astronaut talking to us from the shuttle. We saw so many of the constellations. They were beautiful! We also saw the planets and we learned that the hottest star is blue, yellow is the second hottest and red is the coldest star! How cool!

We also had fun after with a picnic at Rowan outside of the planetarium. We had a fun field trip!

Enjoy the pictures below!

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Community Meeting

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Fun at the Community Meeting

By: Olivia and Alec

Dear Parents,

This week on Tuesday, we had a community meeting. Last Wednesday we went on a field trip to the high school for Earth day. Then we used the information that we learned to come up with ways to help the earth. We used the iPad to video each other, then learned how to make an iMovie! During the community meeting, we showed the video, and held up signs that described what we were doing in our video. For example, we held up words like, recycle, replant, don’t litter and use electric cars. After all of the videos were done, everyone clapped because they must have been impressed! We felt exhilarated!

One more note on the community meeting, we wanted to tell you Olivia won the caring award! Our class was so proud of her!

Social Studies

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Social Studies

By: Maya and Mackenzie

Dear Parents,

We are having a blast in Social Studies! I can’t believe how much the community has changed! We learned the difference between goods and services. A good is something you want or need and a service is something that you do for someone. Some examples of services are doctors, chefs, waitresses and pilots.

So in 3A in Social Studies, we are also learning about laws, rights and responsibilities. A right is a freedom that is protected, like voting. If you are a certain age you have a right to vote. A responsibility is something like homework. Homework is my responsibility. We are all citizens. We are citizens of the USA and of 3A!

Mrs. Adams makes Social Studies so much fun!

Summer Academy Information

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