Don't get hacked!

----Making strong passwords will help you not get hacked----

What do strong passwords mean?

Strong passwords are when you make a password that would be hard for someone the guess. When you have strong passwords you are a lot less likely to get your accounts hacked.

600,000 Facebook accounts get hacked DAILY

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How to create a really strong password that you will remember

When you are creating a password make sure it is strong. How can you tell if it strong or not though? First you need to think of your favorite food, pet, place to go, etc. Secondly you need to make sure you follow the rules on the picture above. For example, lets say you have a dog named Steve. Instead of making the password "Steve123" you could make it "S73v3213" it isn't too hard, but also not easy enough for someone to guess. With strong passwords you are a lot less likely to be hacked.