Bacteria Busters

Prevent food borne-illness

Fight Back

Clean- Always wash hand, surfaces and utensil before starting to cook or prepare food. Also wear hats, aprons, and gloves if needed.

Separate- Don't cross-contaminate, Use different cutting boards or clean after cutting meats or other foods.

Chill- Refrigerate promptly

Cook- Cook to proper temperatures.

Bacteria Busters

Tips to prevent Bacteria:

  • Keep hot foods hot and keep cold foods cold.
  • Never taste or use food that has a strange oder or appearance.
  • Do not refreeze foods.
  • Thaw foods in refrigerator.
  • Avoid bulging, dented, or leaking cans.
  • Do not let cooked foods sit out and cover leftovers to reheat.
  • Wrap foods properly for storage.
  • Use defrosted foods as soon as possible.