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Rockstars Choosing to Matter in Room 25

Dr. Dev Niyogi

Next week, we will have the wonderful opportunity to virtually meet with Indiana State Climatologist, Dr. Dev Niyogi. He is a professor at Purdue University, and is graciously giving us some of his time this week to talk about his work in the field of climatology. Students have been reading about Indiana's climate, how it relates to the country's climate, and the way it differs from weather. Students also explored their understandings of climate through online resources, and will use what they have read to create questions for Dr. Niyogi. Learning from experts in our community give us insight and depth to our learning that we might not otherwise have! Please visit this link for more information about Dr. Niyogi.

Try This At Home ...

Watch a movie together, and practice making inferences about the main character. Discuss what kind of person he/she is, and how you came to those conclusions. Talk about the conflict/struggle the character has to overcome, and how it caused the character to grow and change.

Ask questions like How do you think that character feels? What makes you think that? What kind of internal struggles is he/she facing? Can you relate to this character at all?

Next Week's Set List (September 8-September 11)

Week at a Glance/Skills for the Week:

LITERACY – We will practicing making inferences as a strategy this week, and our emphasis will be on using the strategy to recognize character traits, motivations, and growth.

– We continue our writing unit on narratives this week, focusing on developing realistic, believable characters who overcome authentic conflicts.

MATH – We will wrap up Unit 2, focusing on estimations, probabilities, and chance. Here is a great resource for parents: The test is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 10th.

SPELLING – Next week will be the unit 5 spelling test. The core words are together, animal, several, American, and built. Please practice these words at home.

SCIENCE – No Science this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We finish unit 1 in Social Studies next week, which investigates Indiana's physical features. Essential Questions to explore: How have people over time adapted to the changes in the land? How do people use the land's resources? How have people benefited from the 3 regions created by glaciers?

TIPS - We will continue practicing the 4 C's through Socratic Seminar. Check out this website for more information about our 21st century skills.

Upcoming Events

September 7th: Labor Day, no school

September 8th: PTO meeting, 6:30pm

September 9th: Early Release Day, 2:55pm Dismissal

September 11th: Tiger Trek

September 14-18th: Healthy Schools Week

September 18th: Homecoming Early Release Day, 2:55pm Disimissal


Check out this awesome blog post that shares great tips for parents to better understand how to read with their child of all ages! The author, Michael Friermood, has taught in Carmel Schools and is taking the year off to create resources to increase the home/school connection. I hope you enjoy the tips, and have fun implementing them at home! :)