Country Basics

The name of the country is Kuwait and its capital is Kuwait city.
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  • Kuwait is in Asia and the surrounding countries are Iran,Iraq,Saudi Arabia,and Bahran.Most of Kuwait is an entirely flat and dry barren desert of sandy plains. The land (desert) begins to rise slightly in the southwest, along the border with Saudi Arabia.The major landmarks in Kuwait are Kuwait Towers,Kuwait Zoo,Bayan Palace,Souq Al Mubarakeya,Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum,Liberation Tower,Al Hamra Tower,Seif Palace,Grand Mosque,and Kuwait National Museum.The major bodies of water are Khor Bubiyan,Khor al Tha’aleb,Khor al-sabiyah.The geography affects the citizens In Kuwait they have oil rigs and oil fields,People settled in Kuwait for the food,oil,and land.


The leader of Kuwait is Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the type of government is constitutional monarchy.They choose there leaders by a self voting politiccal system.


  • The GDP of Kuwait is 175.8 billion dollars and they use Kuwaiti Dinar as money.Exports are Oil and refined products and Imports are Food,and Construction materials.The life expectancy is 77,the birth rate is 20.26,the literacy rate is 93.9%,,the water source is FAO.


  • Men wear a dishdasha, which is long-sleeved, floor length with a button down opening to the waist.Women wear a long-sleeved, loose, floor length dress or daraa’. On festive occasions, it may be covered with a sheer, sequined or embroidered dress called a thobe. Arabic is the official language in Kuwait.Islam,Christian,Muslim are the main religions in Kuwait.


  • The average monthly weather in Kuwait is Jan:45 low 64 high,Feb:48 low 69 high,March:55 low 78 high,April:65 low 88 high,May:75 low 101 high,June:81 low 101 high,July:84 low 110 high,August:83 low 112 high,September:76 low 1107 high,October:67 low 95 high,November:56 low 80 high,December:47 low 67 high.The average yearly rainfall is 4.2 per year 42 to 48.It is very hot because it is a desert in the summer and it doesn’t usually get that cold in winter


  • August 2,1990 Iraq invades kuwait,January 1,1922 there is peace between Arabia and Kuwait.

Compare and Contrast

  • The main religions in Kuwait are Islam,Christian,Muslim while in the US they are Christians,Catholic,and Mormon.The Official language in Kuwait is Arabic and the US is English

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