The Road to Perserverance

by:Emma Troscinski

Perseverance is...

Perseverance is: not giving up no matter good or bad times or hard times just persevere.

The description of Eleanor Roosevelt's road to perseverance.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a first lady pf the world. She had a husband named Franklin and she needed to take care of him because he was paralyzed for life in a horrible accident. sadly her husband passed away in 1945. After he dies Eleanor started to travel the world but mostly to new York to help people and children in need. she is a true inspiration to a whole lot of people.Eleanor journeyed the world to new York city after her husbands funeral in 1945. She would no longer use her first name because she thought she wanted a new name for a new life. Eleanor was her middle name. as first lady, she held more then 300 press conferences. She loved children in her life so when she changed her name and started a new life she started helping kids and children in need and started helping kids find homes. "I am not a feminist' she said but she had her rights as a citizen and could do what she wanted.
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Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt and Nadja Sonnenberg-Solerno (Compare and Contrast)

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Maury Wills his problems and the solution's.

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Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

During this time period Black and White people were segregated. Because of this Jackie Robinson faced many adversities. This affected him in many ways. Jackie was not allowed to play in Major League Baseball with White players even though he was very talented. Another way he was affected was that Jackie asked to be in ranch Rickey's experiment.

There are many adversities that Jackie Robinson faced and another one is that Jackie threatened for playing for playing in the MLB. Another adversity that Jackie faced was that Jackie overwhelmed, but was combative to see a change. One of the other adversities was that today many people of all races treated equally because of Jackie Robinson's ability to overwhelm the color barrier.

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Jackie Robinson

Nadja Sonnenberg-Salerno (Chronological/Sequence)

Nadja Sonnenberg-Salerno was a very talented violin player. She started playing the violin at an early age because her mom encouraged her to play. She was so talented that she got accepted into the Julliard School of Fine Arts. Nadja faced many adversities during this time. First,she stopped playing the violin when she got to Julliard. Also she stopped eating healthy foods and exercising. Also Nadja had no self-confidence at all. Also her teacher Mrs. Delay threatened to quit if she did not start playing again. Another Thing that Nadja faced was that she accidentally started her apartment on fire. one more thing NAdja faced was that her Moped 66w blew up and she got evicted. She later in her life was persistence because at the end she did not do bad things she just went on with her life. Nadja made semi-finals. She won the final competition. She became a international violinist.
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Nadja Sonnenberg-Salerno

Lessons Learned...

What people can learn from the road to perseverance.

There are many things a person can learn from perseverance. That perseverance does not just come to you. And that perseverance means that you go through hard times but you do not give up after All the things that you faced. All the text videos and story's we read can teach anyone about perseverance because they all have something to do with perserverance. Like not giving up, keep going, do what you believe in, Etc.