pros and cons of genetics

genetic technology

Personal DNA Testing:

Did you know they can scan our DNA and say what possible genetic risks we might face? Single nucleotide polymorphism is any position in the genotype where there is variation between individual population. It can reveal where one single letter difference will commonly show up. Each of those spots show up as a SNPs.

Should we scan for cancer genes?

Although a test may show that you have the genetic mutation linked to the disease, this does not necessarily mean that you will get it except in very rare cases. I would like to know what I might face in the future. It’s better to know early and expect it than to never know and it catch you by itself. If I was to know if I had cancer or something they probably could catch it in time

The Ethics of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis:

How many diseases are there?

These scientists can identify over 3,000 possible diseases. They go through all your genes. They can tell if you might have a kid with alcoholism or addiction problems. Do you think scientists should use techniques like PGD to identify genes linked with more complex traits, such as height and obesity? Yes you should! If your kid is going to get a disease and there is something you could do to prevent it then you should be all for it.