The Batboy

Connecting modern literature to greek mythology

About my book

This book is about a boy named brian dudley. he has a father who pitched in the major leagues. but sadley the brains parent got divoreced and this book is about the summer of brians first job as they batboy for the detriot tigers with there new edition to the team hank bishop brains favorite player of all time

Main Charecters

Some of the main charecters include brian,hank bishop,cole dudley,brians mother. brian is the protagonist meanwhile cole dudley is kind of the antagonist because he doesnt like being a father and he does barley anything with brian and makes him feel like he doesnt exist. then you have hank bishop brians favorite player of all time who is kinda a inbetweener like he is a protagonist and an antagonist because he does nice things sometimes but other times he is a complete jerk

Connections between main characters and greek myths

i can make some connections between my book and greek myths like in my book brain is addicted to his favorite baseball player hank bishop. hank bishop can be compared to zeus according to brain. theres another comparsion between brain and his dad cause his dad divorced his mom so brain considers his dad hades. which brings me to another point with the divorce it is a bad event and can be compared to pyramus and thisbe

My thoughts on the book