Primary Points to Ponder

January 7-11

The building is closed from December 20-January 6 to everyone but custodians. Get with Keisha if you have pets.

From Parsons

The best Christmas gift Ruthie and I have are our families. You are the family we spend 8 hours a day with 5 days a week and we are blessed beyond measure! My expectation is that you give yourself the gift of time and rejuvenation over the holiday break. The work that we have to do can wait until January 7th...right now your homework is you and your loved ones. Thank you for giving us the gift of teamwork, dedication, loyalty, hard work ethic and most importantly ensuring that ALL of our students leave the Primary with the skills they need emotionally, socially and academically. Your commitment does not go unnoticed. Merry Christmas and Happy 2019! May all your wishes and dreams for 2019 come true. We love you!
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Common Planning Instructional Focus for 2019

In the Spirit of New Year's Resolutions, we are going to have a focus question to help us grow in our collaboration.

How does the activity (lesson, center, station, book, app, etc) align to the TEKS or Guidelines?

Be on the lookout for verbs that tell us what depth to reach in each standard. With your small groups in pre-planning be able to justify an activities inclusion on the plans.

This will give everyone a focus for watching each other teach this spring as we help each other grow our students to be deeper thinkers.

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Links you need

Parent Liaison Referral Form

Please fill this out when you want Ms. Chism to help with contacting and working with parents.

Primary Calendar of Events

Check this every week so you can keep up with events. Click on links to see attachments.

Student Recognition per Month

Check Primary Events Calendar for Due Dates

Primary Staff Notebook

This has just about everything you need!

Pine Tree Primary Symbaloo

This has links to many of our pages. You can make it your homepage!

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Professional Development Opportunities

Teacher to Teacher Observation

You must complete one a semester.

Project ETELL Registration

This is a route to begun ESL or bilingual certified with no cost to you.

SIOP Texas Gateway Training

All staff who work directly with students must complete this training.