Life with OCD

By : Daulton Baldwin

What it stands for

OCD stands for Obsessive - Compulsive - Disorder. It's excessive thoughts that lead to repetitive behavior.


You're very agitated and very anxious. You feel the need to repeat every word or every action and you may feel signs of depression or social anxiety.


There aren't any known causes. It could be a change in the body's natural chemistry. A specific gene has not been located yet.

Diagnosis and Treatments

A trained healthcare official can diagnose you. They could recommend talk therapy and medication but there is not a cure for it yet.


3.3 million people are affected world wide. 1% of children. 2% of adults. Most can live a normal life if they have OCD for example people like Justin Timberlake and Megan Fox both have OCD. Evidence shows that OCD can be a genetic thing.
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