The Party

Hosted By: Kelley, Sullivan, and Quintin.

The Party

Saturday, Sep. 27th, 3:30pm

2752 Woodstock Ct

Green Bay, WI

  • RSVP: Text (920) 659-4328, (920) 712-1474, (920) 634-7729.
  • Things to bring along: Anything you want to bring is acceptable (EXCEPT DRUGS OR ALCOHOL!) But what's recommended is a lawn chair of some sort, any snacks (for yourself or the party).
  • Sullivan does not want any gifts, your arrival will replace that. But if you so desperately want to, you can bring some chips or a 2 liter bottle of any drink.


  • Morning rain is expected please do not let 10am showers discourage your arrival
  • Be prepared for a cool evening, as we are not Goodwill and will not hand out free sweatshirts
  • Allergies is super important to us, all snacks will be peanut free and some will be free of gluten (foods will be labeled). The best way to avoid a hospital trip is to bring your own snacks for yourself.