Bugella's Weekly News

John Powers Center

Week of Dec. 14, 2015

We Are In the Home Stretch!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday. Enjoy your time with family and friends and just relax. You all work so hard and are an exceptional group of people. Enjoy every moment!

Thank you Laura for putting together our Giving Tree. Please see the flyer below and participate if you can.

What Is Happening This Week?

Monday (Dec 14)

:) Happy Monday!

Tuesday (Dec 15)

O'Rourke IEP Meetings 8:00am and 9:30am

AT IEP Meeting at 2:00pm

Middle School DHH Team Meeting 2:15pm

Wednesday (Dec 16)

Fowler Team Meeting 8:00am

Oliveri Team Meeting 2:15pm

Thursday (Dec 17)

White IEP Meeting 8:00am

Clark Team Meeting Rescheduled

Friday (Dec 18)

Tackes IEP Meeting 8:00am

We made it. Enjoy your break!!:)

A Very Helpful Technology Resource For You...

Terri's Out of the Building Schedule

Mon., Dec 14- Powers All Day

Tues., Dec 15- Powers All Day

Wed., Dec 16 - SEDOL in morning to Powers

Thurs., Dec 17 - Powers to SEDOL to Powers

Fri., Dec 18 -Powers All Day